New Pokémon: Salandit

Introducing Salandit, the newest Alola Pokémon.

The Official Pokémon Youtube channel has just revealed yet another of the Alola region’s new Pokémon to us. You can view the new Pokémon’s introductory video below.

Salandit, the Pokémon in question, is categorised at the Toxic Lizard Pokémon and is a Poison and Fire type – a combination that we have never seen before. Salandit is a small Pokémon and is described by the official website as not being very powerful, but is also portrayed as being cunning and sneaky allowing it to still fight fiercely. These traits are expanded on by Salandit’s ability: Corrosion. Corrosion is a brand new ability that allows the ability-holder to Poison any Pokémon, including the previously immune Steel and Poison types.

Salandit is described as being very cunning and it certainly looks the part.
Salandit is described as being very cunning and it certainly looks the part.

Salandit release not only flames but a sweet smelling and toxic fume from the tips of their tails. These fumes will cause anything breathing them in to become dizzy. In addition to this, female Salandit also release powerful pheromones that attract males of all species – even humans! Inhaling a female’s pheromones may force you to submit to its will.

Salandit seems to be based on salamanders, in particular the Chinese or Japanese Giant Salamanders. In mythology salamanders are often related to fire or described as being immune to flames whilst in real life, all salamanders are poisonous to some degree. This  means Salandit’s typing makes a lot of sense. Furthermore, both the Japanese and Chinese Giant Salamanders are highly endangered. This fits the apparent theme of conservation present in the coming generation of Pokémon games as does the influence of bandits or poachers on Salandit’s design (and name).

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Images courtesy of the official Pokémon Sun and Moon website.
Cover image by Pebbles.