Sun and Moon themed New 3DS XL, SteelBooks for Europe

Buy a game, get a themed SteelBook!

Nintendo of Europe have announced a pair of new Pokémon Sun and Moon items. The first is a black New 3DS XL with the Pokémon Sun and Moon mascots, Solgaleo and Lunala, drawn upon it. It is a limited edition release. This n3DS XL design will also come out in Australia.

Europe will also get a bonus item when they purchase the game. When you buy either version of the game, you can get a ‘Fan Edition’. You get a bonus SteelBook case, themed to match the game version you chose. Inside you can see the islands of Alola.

Sadly for Australian fans there’s no news yet about this bonus item.

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For the European players, are you planning to pre-order the Fan Edition to ensure your SteelBook? And are you interested in the themed n3DS XL?

Edited by Astinus and Rivvon.