Pokémon-themed New 3DS XLs headed for Japan

Japan-only so far, but they’re getting some pretty sweet New 3DS XLs — a Pikachu model and a Solgaleo- and Lunala-themed one.

Heads up if you’re in Japan. Some pretty sweet Pokémon-themed New 3DS XLs are on their way!

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Pikachu New 3DS XL

The front of the Pikachu New 3DS XLs, with its adorable sketched-out Pikachu. The inside of the Pikachu-themed New 3DS XLs, exclusively colored yellow.

The first of the two New 3DS XLs is a Pikachu model, with the motif of Pikachu on the outer shell. It also gets its own unique colored 3DS — as of yet, there has been no yellow-colored 3DS so far. (We’re not counting the first Pikachu 3DS XL as it’s based on a white 3DS.) Guess Pikachu’s just that important!

Solgaleo and Lunala New 3DS XL

Note the stylized designs of Solgaleo and Lunala on these sick New 3DS XLs. The inside of the Solgaleo- and Lunala-themed New 3DS XL is, sadly, the same as any other Metallic Black New 3DS XL.

Based on the Metallic Black New 3DS XLs, this console has a Solgaleo and Lunala motif. Note its full-black outer shell (compare: the standard New 3DS XLs). This New 3DS XL will not come with a copy of the games pre-installed.

One more thing — a Double Pack of games

This double-pack comes with a copy of Sun, a copy of Moon, and two codes to redeem 100 Poké Balls in-game.
This double-pack comes with a copy of Sun, a copy of Moon, and two codes to redeem 100 Poké Balls in-game.

As with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire last year, Nintendo are also selling Sun and Moon as a special “Double Pack”. This package has boxed versions of both games inside along with two codes to redeem 100 Poké Balls in-game. It’s billed as being perfect for sharing with your younger siblings — or your parents, if they’re even into it. The double pack will set you back ¥10,757 with tax. Two copies alone would cost the same, so you’re only really getting these for the Poké Balls.

Both New 3DS XLs and the Sun/Moon Double Pack release in Japan on the same day as Pokémon Sun and Moon do — on November 18. The consoles are selling for ¥20,304 with tax, and might fetch ludicrous prices in certain import sites, too. Pre-orders open July 16 domestically.

No word on whether these sweet New 3DS XLs making it internationally. But since the blue Xerneas and Yveltal-themed 3DS XL made it out (along with a red variant that Japan didn’t get), perhaps you should hold your breath for at least one of these to make it out of Japan!


Source: Nintendo
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