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Let’s discuss Pokémon Sun and Moon’s new Pokémon

Join Achromatic, Necrum and Klippy as they discuss the newly revealed Pokémon from the upcoming Pokémon games.

Right now many usertitles around the PokéCommunity forums are filled with hashtags such as #TeamLitten, avatars are filled with artworks of the new starter Pokémon made by fans all over the internet (some of which already appeared online within an hour after the Pokémon were revealed), and the hype about the upcoming games has grown stronger, strengthened by analyses and speculations.

Join Achromatic, Necrum and Klippy as they discuss the newly revealed starters and box legendaries as well as a potential Mega Garbodor, possible Team Night and Team Day and hidden legends of Easter Island in the video below.

It looks like our three YouTubers have clear favorites, but let’s take a look at the general opinion of the PokéCommunity people as well. In a poll the obvious question was raised: which starter will you pick? A whopping 179 people have answered it so far, with an interesting result:

Everybody loves random statistics. This specific chart though, has a very special meaning for Rowlet.
Everybody loves random statistics. Rowlet loves this one especially.

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Video made by Achromatic, featuring Necrum and Klippy.
Edited by bobandbill.